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We are CAMI learning to live with values

Our commitment to the client does not end with the delivery of your department. With this, a crucial stage of great expectation begins, the search for a better quality of life and a new experience in community.

This community life implies providing and fostering conditions that achieve a balance between the material and the social, the latter being the challenge assumed by the LEADING Group through its CAMI Friend Community program.

For this, CAMI identifies the needs of the residents in the condominiums to promptly promote and strengthen the social sustainability and community organization of the residents. Through permanent contact with the community, it seeks to achieve recognition of the other, fostering fellowship and integration, generating a space where recreation and encounter are valued, through the appropriate use of free time. This is complemented with the generation of knowledge and skills that allow to anticipate conflicts, and thus facilitate a healthy coexistence.

CAMI intervenes through two projects

Sociocultural Development

It encourages and promotes among children, adolescents and adults the practice of values for a healthy coexistence, the proper use of free time, the revaluation of play and the strengthening of human relationships through the development of recreational, recreational and artistic activities.

Sociocultural Development

It has a cozy physical space in each condominium in charge of a socio-cultural development monitor, who in coordination with the specialists of the various workshops, develop the different artistic, sports and recreational activities.

Due to its formative and awareness-raising nature, it aims to build citizenship based on the practice of values and the recognition of the other, mutual respect and the norms. Thus, welcoming spaces for communication and integration between people are generated, which is reflected in good relations between neighbors, communication and organization; as well as in the care of the condominium and its common areas.

Community Management

Promotes responsible citizenship among residents, based on compliance with internal regulations and coexistence standards, through integration and training activities that strengthen their leadership, organization and management skills. It works with the Board of Owners (owners of the condominium) and strengthens the Board of Directors (democratically elected representatives), providing the latter with periodic monitoring.

Community Management

"The effect of the intervention is reflected in a better organized Board of Directors, with leadership and that respects the internal regulations; as well as in residents who respect their rules of coexistence"