LIDER Construction Group
is a group of Peruvian companies nationwide, with more than 18 years in the real estate sector, 30 projects delivered and more than 8,500 happy families that support their experience.



LIDER Construction Group is a group of Peruvian companies nationwide, with more than 18 years in the real estate sector, 30 projects delivered and more than 8,500 happy families that support their experience.

Our Vision

We want to be recognized as an example of a Socially Responsible Company.

Our Mission

Based on market needs, we develop projects and real estate services with high added value at a fair price.


During construction, the constant supervision from our engineering team guarantees a successful construction process through strict control of the field. Furthermore, in each phase of the job, we're constantly ensuring that our quality protocols are followed. We use the best suppliers in the market, which guarantees solid, safe and quality constructions.


Through Lider's Customer Service Department, we respond to our customer's questions after the delivery of their Inmobiliary Units or Common Areas.


To make communication easier between our Customer Service and our clients, we are giving each one of our owners an ID with a unique user code. We are also giving each of our clients a manual where they can find recommendations for use and maintenance of their property, as well as the plans for electrical, sanitary and architectural installations of their acquired property; which are prepared for each inmobiliary unit.

How does our customer service work?
You can communicate with us at the number (511) 208-0979 from 9 to 5, or send us an email at postventa@lider.com.pe

An inspection visit will take place to evaluate the complaint and, if it proceeds, the necessary work will be scheduled within approximately 15 days.
In case of emergency, you can call the number 998154522 or 994830513, and we will respond as soon as possible. We consider EMERGENCIES to be floodings, total absence of power or any failure of the elevators.
Please remember that many answers to your questions about the installations in your apartment are described in the Lider Customer Manual.

Líder informs them that there is a central information center for Real Estate Developers and / or companies that build Real Estate Units, created by law 29203; the registry of infractions and sanctions for the breach of the provisions in charge of Indecopi, as established in article 119 of the consumer protection and defense code; and, the existence of the portal Mira a Quien you buy, in charge, also from Indecopi.


Lider Construction Group recognizes its personnel as being the most important resource in the development of its real estate projects. It's aware of the occupational hazards linked to the activities in this sector, and it's committed to preventing damages and health issues. To this end, we implement, review and keep a Safety Management System and Health at Work based on devices and actions to contribute to the integrity of our collaborators and a proactive attitude towards continuous improvement, based in the following policies:

  • To constantly inform workers on the prevention of occupational risks, promoting and strengthening a Prevention and Health at Work culture.

  • To positively influence the group and individual health by promoting the maintenance of a safe work environment with our partners.

  • Commitment to satisfying all the legal requirements that the organization would register on general safety and health, and those which apply to the real estate and construction sectors.

  • To integrate the Safety and Health at Work principles with technical, organizational and economic decisions related to planning and executing different works to be done in the construction process.

  • To implement, coordinate and make workers participate in the safe methods or work systems that would allow them to work in safe conditions without generating health risks.

  • To select and work with service companies and subcontractors who have the disposition to develop their operations in safe ways, and are committed to responsibly support the highest performance possible in safety and health at work. To fulfill this commitment, we will supply any human resources, technological and economic materials, and the participation of all workers. Furthermore, we will assume the responsible implementation of the management system for safety and health at work as our top priority.



This document describes the Privacy Policy that regulates how we use the personal data that was input into the LIDER CONSTRUCTION GROUP website, from now on, LIDER, found in the address: http://lider.com.pe/.

For LIDER, it's very important to fulfill the Peruvian Law of Personal Data Protection, assuring the maximum privacy and protection of the personal data the Users register at our website.


The purpose of this policy is to allow users to know how their data is gathered, treated and protected, when it's input into the website LIDER makes available.

LIDER will only collect data that the Users are willing to provide and/or that LIDER asks them for, to be able to offer the required service, as well as to give the information about the products and services it sells and it considers to be the user’s interest, creating a communication space between LIDER and the Users.


At LIDER, we are aware of how important privacy is to our clients and all the people interested in our products and services.

Considering this priority, we are committed to respecting privacy and protecting the confidentiality of their private information and personal data, adopting all of the necessary technical and organizational measures to guarantee the security and confidentiality of their personal information. However, the transmission of information through social media and the internet is not totally safe. That's why even when LIDER makes its great efforts to protect personal data, it can't guarantee their safety during the transmission to the website.

LIDER recommends that the User uses maximum diligence when transferring their information to third parties or when publishing personal data so that they won't put their personal data at risk, which prevents LIDER from having any responsibility in cases of subtraction, modifications or illegal data loss. Thus, all of the information that users provide will be sent by them at their risk.

Only authorized personnel from LIDER and other companies and organizations from its corporation will have access to your information, and it will treat your personal data with the respect outlined in this Privacy Policy.


This policy is regulated by Peruvian Law and in particular by:
Law Nº 29733 - Law of Protection of Personal Data.
Supreme Decree Nº 003-2013-JUS, which approves the Law Nº 29733
Security directive of Information, approved by the DIrectorial Resolution N° 019-2013-JUS/DGPDP.

LIDER develops its policy of personal data treatment with special attention to the established principles in Law Nº 29733, Law of Personal Data Protection, and thus:
In accordance with the principle of legality, it rejects the collection of personal data of our Users by fraudulent, unfair or illegal means.

According to the consent principle, in the treatment of personal data our users will mediate their consent.
The personal data of our users will be collected for a specific reason, explicit and legal, and will not be extended to other purposes when collected, excluding the cases of activity with historic value, statistics or scientific research when used in a process of dissociation or anonymity.
The personal data to be treated will be true, exact, updated as much as possible, necessary, pertinent and adequate, according to the purpose for which they were collected. They will be conserved so it guarantees their safety and only for the necessary time to fulfill such purpose.
LIDER informs its users that they have the right to protect their personal data, contained in the 2nd article, incise 5 of the Constitution of 1993, before the National Authority of Data Protection based in the Judicial Power, on the beginning of the habeas data process.


The personal data you freely provide through the LIDER website will be used for: answering queries or complaints and following them; to send information or publicity about products and services; to provide information to the Owners Board or the administration company when required; to send invitations to participate in our seminaries, training, workshops, contests, surveys, and other activities or events; to internally manage our client list, marketing surveys or commercial investigations or statistics; for billing processes, electronic commerce; to manage a possible application for an actual or future job at LIDER; for evaluation on credits, updating or checking data, or as an information source. It will also will be used to manage, support and obtain information about the quality of our products and services and to prevent alterations to our security, law and contractual terms.
Considering such purposes and that sometimes the use of your information corresponds to the fulfillment of legal obligations, we will assume, for all intents and purposes, that you provided your consent indefinitely. If you don't agree to the use of your information, you can proceed as indicated in the 7th section.


We inform our users that the personal data that they provide will not be transferred to additional third parties, but only those that are established, unless further authorized.

The impediment signaled above will not apply if the law gives reason, if they are required by any administrative organization, judicial authority and/or police.


According to the Law, You as the owner of this information have the rights of information, access, rectification, suppression, cancellation and opposition as detailed in Law N1 29733 - Law of Personal Data Protection and its regulation. In order to do this, you can enter the LIDER website at http://lider.com.pe/.


The LIDER website is not designed nor intended for minors, and thus, we can't collect their personal data. If you are under 18 years old, please don't use our website.

If you are under 18 years old but older than 14, you should have the authorization of your parents or tutors to use this website. If in any of the LIDER websites, you provide your personal data to us and you're under 18 years old but older than 14, you will have to provide the contact data of your parents or tutors, so that LIDER can verify their consent.


When accepting this Privacy Policy, users agree to all of the terms and conditions that it establishes, and thus they authorize LIDER to use their personal data for all of the signaled purposes.


LIDER has the right to modify its Privacy Policy in the Website when trying to continuously improve our process, or if there's a change to our legislation, doctrinal, jurisprudential policies or for our own company criteria, to which you give your consent. Please, regularly verify these terms to check for changes that could have been made and how they could affect you.


You can rectify, cancel or cancel your personal data by downloading the corresponding form. This form must be completed, signed and delivered in a sealed envelope to the following address: Av. Manuel Olguin 501 floor 13 - Groove, with attention to Customer Service (Law on Protection of Personal Data - Law No. 29733).

Request for rectification
Request for Opposition
Access Request
Cancellation Request


In case of any inconvenience or flaw in my property who can I contact?

Líder has a Post-Sale Technical Service. Through this medium, we are responding to the needs of our customers after the delivery of their Inmobiliary Units or Common Areas. It's now the only customer-company link to resolve the different questions you might have related to your property.
For access to this service in the case of repairs, it's necessary to contact us and let us know your respective requirements through one of these channels:

When contacting, you should indicate:
1. Customer code (it appears in your client ID and/or delivery record)
2. Name of the owner or spouse.
3. Brief description of the facts and a reference phone number.

The working hours are monday to friday from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm.

What should i consider when contacting the Customer Service Department?

You should know if your property is within the warranty period. As well, you should consider the fact that the company won't be responsible for works made by the owners directly, as in: reparations, extensions, special installations, ceiling modifications and others.

Who do I present my complaint to if i verify an inconvenience in the common areas?

The inconveniences in the common areas must be acknowledged to the administration of the condominium or the Directive Group. In both cases, the same procedure should be followed when processing the service, indicating the problems in the common domain goods.
As well as in the apartments, the company won't be responsible for problems that could come from lack of maintenance or works the owners have made directly on the common domain goods.

What is considered an emergency? How do I proceed if one happens?

An emergency situation is when it needs to be resolved immediately as some unpredictable events could affect the continuity of the basic services in the properties directly or imminently, or their integrity. For example, a flooding problem would be considered an emergency, among others. If you have an emergency, please contact us through the following numbers:

Phone: 208-0979 (Monday to Friday from 8:30 am. to 6:00 pm)
Claro (RPC): 99 815 4522 (Any time)

To address complaints or claims should write an email to servicioalcliente@lider.com.pe; Make your complaint or complaint in the book of claims or Indecopi, or go to the competent authorities.