After sales Guarantee

Lider has available the After Sales Technical Service, by which we attend to all the questions from our clients after the properties have been delivered to them, for the homes or for the common areas.

To make the communication flow between the after sales service and our clients we provide each home owner with a Card with a personal user code. Furthermore, we give out a Clients User Manual, where they can find suggestions for the use and maintenance of their properties, as well as the “as built” drawings for the electric, water pipes, sanitary systems and of architecture of the purchased property; which are specially prepared for each development.

How does our after sales service work?

You can contact us by phone at (511) 208-0979 during business hours or send us an email to


The deadline for service requests is 15 working days, unless they are emergencies.

For EMERGENCY we understand flooding, total power blackout or a failure that does not allow the elevators to work.

For emergency cases you can call : 998154522 and you will be attended as soon as possible.

We remind you that many of the answers to your questions regarding the working of the services in your property are already found in the Lider Clients Manual.